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Indy Fresh

38th Street Market will feature fresh produce for the community.
About the store
Indy Fresh Market, a new full-service grocery store, is being constructed near the manufacturing facility on 38th and Sheridan with expected completion in July of 2022. Not only will the store provide additional jobs and future educational opportunities for residents, but it will also bring a much-needed food source to the community.
Rendering of future grocery store at 38th and Sheridan

Location and Offerings

The new store will be located on 38th Street and Sheridan (near Arlington), right next to the new manufacturing facility. The store will be a full-service supermarket with over 14,000 square feet of space planned. 

Currently, there is no supermarket for miles in each direction and more area residents are on foot. To help make grocery items accessible to all residents, the market will accept most governmental food assistance programs (like WIC, SNAP, etc.), as well as local programs, like Fresh Bucks Indy, etc.

Financing and Ownership

Cook Medical will build the store and IMPACT Central Indiana will invest money to provide capital and inventory, as well as other local partners. The supermarket will be operated by neighborhood residents Michael McFarland and Marckus Williams, with the long-term goal for them to own 100% of the store operation and real estate using a rent-to-own model. The store will be designed to allow the owners to partner with local community food groups as they choose.

Project Milestones

Groundbreaking—October 20th, 2021
Construction begins—March/April 2022
Estimated completion—Early 2023
Open to the public—Winter 2023

Construction Job Seekers

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The store will be a full-service supermarket with 14,000 square feet of space planned.